Manga A Transmigrator’s Privilege

A Spirit’s Special Treatment / 빙의자를 위한 특혜

A Transmigrator’s Privilege

Summary A Transmigrator’s Privilege

Read A Transmigrator’s Privilege manhwa – A Transmigrator’s Privilege manga update free on It’s the era of Transmigration. I wanted to possess a body of a rich young lady in a Rofan childcare novel, and live while receiving lots of love. No. 1 to be avoided! No. 1 in frustrating the reader! I possessed someone inside an infinite return novel called: Return Until the World is Saved. Forget being a young lady from a prominent family, I will soon be ruined because the survival difficulty of the original work is S-Class. I became an extra. Ellet, the young daughter of a servant in the Count’s manor. We are poor, but it’s a happy life between a kind brother and a good father. I’ve got a best friend I’ve never made before because I was always busy. Even the gods of the Transmigration Management Bureau are openly fond of me. I’m living a life full of confidence. On top of that, I accidentally bought the ‘After-Life Insurance’ full package just before my death. I leveled up with the high-speed growth buff, and diligently destroyed the original plot. Thanks to plenty of special privileges, I came to give satisfaction for all the frustrated readers of the original work. “You wiped your face with your dirty hands.” “…….” “Don’t be surprised. It’s because I have an obligation to be kind.” And then, there’s the protagonist who is still nothing more than a handsome push over, Thesilid. ‘Why is he being this crafty with me?’




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A Transmigrator’s Privilege





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